Welcome to Utah!

My rental is on the left

My rental is on the left

Last Friday evening I got in a car accident.  Another car, parked at the side of the road, decided to pull a u-turn right in front of me.  One moment I was tooling along, the next there was a silver car directly in front of me.  Bam!  My right front bumper connected with her left front fender.

The other party was really very nice.  When the police arrived, the first thing she said was that it was her fault.  That was nice, but I sitll had to deal with a damaged vehicle. 

Monday morning I  called my insurance agent of less than a week and was told to call the other party’s insurance.  So far, they’ve taken very good care of me.  They found me a body shop to go to and arranged for a rental car.  All that’s left is for things to actually get fixed. 

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