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Moving day

May 13, 2009
My living room after the movers left

My living room after the movers left

Today my stuff arrived here in Utah.  Most of it I hadn’t seen since packing it up in January 2008, so there were plenty of pleasent surprises as I opened boxes:

  • My college degree.  That I had it in a nice frame had completely left my memory.
  • I have a photo of myself receiving the degree.
  • My compact camera.
  • 2007 BCS National Championship Game t-shirt (sob!)
  • There’s a printer that goes with my computer.

Who knows what more I’ll discover?

Adams Canyon

May 3, 2009

One of my coworkers at work sent me a link to a list of local hikes.  The list being alphabetical, Adams Canyon was listed first.   And it having rained a lot yesterday, I thought a good time to see a 40 foot waterfall.  The hike was billed as 3.5 miles there and back with two crossings of the creek.  The first of these crossings was on a bridge that, “badly needs replacing.”  Well, the priority on that just moved up as it has now been washed away.  So I turned around, not really wanting to brave the creek.