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Too many answers

August 15, 2010

Orientation starts tomorrow and the first day of classes is Thursday.  To get ready for the latter, the law school has published a list of first day assignments.  So I’ve spent the weekend delving into casebooks and trying to make sense of contracts, criminal law, and civil procedure.

One thought I keep coming back to is that it feels like there are no wrong answers in law school.  Even an right answer can be accepted.  Thinking about it, this shouldn’t surprise me.  How often does one court change the decision of another?  What was once perfectly acceptable law is no more.

This openness of ideas is new to me.  In engineering, there’s a right answer.  Otherwise the bridge will fall down and people will die.  It’s the right answer because it works.  (OK, the right answer is the one that assures safety while also being the cheapest.)