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Weekend Study Resolutions, Sponsored by Broad Horizons

October 29, 2010

This evening I’m heading to my parents place to  celebrate my birthday with my family and Go Blue Girlfriend.  I’m staying there tonight and tomorrow night.  Saturday will be a fun day of watching college football, and also studying, which is almost certain to spill over in to Sunday as well.  (Seriously, when I get in my car to drive back on Sunday, there’s not going to be any studying after that when I get home.  I’m willing to admit that.)

That said:

Contracts: Get my outline updated and making sense for remedies.

Criminal Law: Outline the supplement for next week.  Outlining the supplement in advance is how I survive in criminal law.

Civil Procedure: Figure out a way to get the federal rules of civil procedure organized.  For the second weekend in a row.

Torts: General outline improvement to show the big picture of negligence.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pumpkin

October 28, 2010

I just tried a Reeses Pieces Peanut Butter Pumpkin.  It tasted great, but aesticlly, I was a bit disappointed.  I mean, it doesn’t really look like a pumpkin.  Sure, it has a stem, but then it’s just sort of a blob.  It’s a 9, but it could have been a 10.

Select World Events From 1980

October 28, 2010

January 7 – Chrysler was bailed out by the federal government (first time)

February 22 – USA defeats USSR in hockey at the Winter Olympics

May 18 – Mt St Helens erupts

May 21 – “The Empire Strikes Back” opens in movie theaters

June 1 – CNN goes on the air

August 7 – First strikes at the Gdańsk Shipyard in Poland

October 28 – Boilerbuck born

November 4 – Reagan defeats Carter for US presidency

December 8 – John Lennon killed in New York City

Source: So don’t blame me if these are wrong

Reality Check c/o Yale

October 26, 2010

There’s a video on YouTube in which a lawyer attempts to talk an inspiring law student out of going to law school.  I thought it was pretty funny, but debated if it was really the sort of thing I wanted to link to on my blog.  But then, the Yale admissions blog linked to it, which means I can dodge the dilemma and just link to their page.  Nothing like a good sidestep. 

A few highlights:

Aspiring Student: I want to help people. 
Lawyer: So you were pre-med and got a C in organic chemistry? 
Aspiring Student: A D+, actually

Lawyer: Do you have any plan what so ever?
Aspiring Student: I love the constitution!

Aspiring Student: I really want to work on the important issues of the day
Lawyer: Do you consider a breach of contract case between two giant software companies an important issue of the day?
Aspiring Student: Of course, the market place is very important.
Lawyer: They’ve spent $4.1 million in legal fees arguing about the name of an obscure font that no one ever uses

Lawyer: I had a client call me at 3:00 this morning to tell me he needed help because he’d been picked up on a DUI.  He blew at 0.24.

Makes Sense In A Way…

October 26, 2010

The cleanliness of the restrooms seems to be directly proportional to their proximity to the dean’s office.  That is all.

I’ll Always Have Paris

October 25, 2010

Today was an informational session on the school’s study abroad program at Oxford University in the UK.  Having already studied at Oxford and worked in London, I would very much love to go back again this summer.  They were great times, letting me learn about English culture, and travel all around Europe (including France).  But, quite simply, I can’t afford to right now.  That’s ok.  I was lucky enough to have had the experiences I’ve already enjoyed.  Those memories aren’t going away, and I know there’ll be more chances in the future.

High Hopes Update

October 24, 2010

So, how did I do on my studying resolutions from Friday? 

Yesterday was a home football game, so no studying was done then.  The game felt weird.  The weather was weird: overcast, cool, breezy, and humid (like England in the summer).  The first half was impressive 42 points and over 400 yards of offense, but there weren’t a lot of exciting, big plays.  The second half felt like everybody, the fans, the band, both teams, wanted to go home as quick as possible. 

Today I planned to study, and had some success with it, intermixed with making chili for dinner and a run.

That said, here’s how it went:

Streamline contracts outline – Done for the first half about forms of obligation.  Still need to streamline remedies, but to do that, I need to get my head around remedies.  Good thing Monday night is contracts outlining night.

Catch up adding post-case notes from casebook to torts outline – Done!

Finish reading torts restatement – Done!

Figure out how to incorporate FRCP’s into civil procedure outline – Not done.  Hopes were not quite high enough.  I figure I can do this next weekend.

So, three out of four.  I’ll take that.

Up Tempo Reading

October 24, 2010

When I bought my casebooks, I couldn’t help but notice they were big and heavy.  Directly tied to their being big and heavy, they had a lot of pages in them.  Like 1,00o pages.  “No way,” I thought, “Are we going to finish the books.”  Well, roughly halfway through the semester, I can say we’re on pace to do just that.  Yikes!

Script Braille Ohio

October 23, 2010

The Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Band performed at today’s Skull Session, spelling out Script Ohio in Braille.  They’re in the white tops and blue pants, in front of the OSUMB in black, in the above photo. 

Ohio State School for the Blind music instruction page

Ohio State School for the Blind information slideshow on blindness

Weekend Study Resolutions, Sponsored by High Hopes

October 22, 2010

I’ve got high hopes for studying this weekend.  Or, more precisely, Sunday as tomorrow is a home football game that it is my Buckeye duty to attend.  But Sunday, with nothing planned, is wide open for studying.  We’ll see how I do.  My resolutions:

Contracts: I realized this morning this morning that the exam is a month away.  Still plenty of time until then, but none the less, time to start thinking about it.  I’ve got an outline put together, as I do for all my classes, but I need to get the information in the outline into a form that will help me answer questions on exams.  Yes, I realize a great outline would inherently be able to do that.  I’ll just say my outline is so drowning in information, it could probably stand a little streamlining.  So that’s a resolution for this weekend: streamline contracts outline.

Torts: The torts casebook is one of those that likes to list lots and lots of notes after the cases.  I like to try to pick out nuggets of good information from those and incorporate them in to my outline.  Except, that is, from medical malpractice to emotional harm where I was busy enough trying to reorganize my original outline to worry about trying to season it with the notes.  So I want to go back and get those in there.  And I also need to finish reading the restatement on proximate cause (although the restatement really wishes we wouldn’t call it that).  Resolution: add post-case notes from casebook to outline and finish reading restatement.

Civil Procedure: I’m thinking there’s got to be a better way to incorporate the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in to my outline.  So that’s what I’m going to do.  Resolution: Figure out how to organize the FRCP and then do it.