Self Defense Cold Call

The first time I was cold called in criminal law, it didn’t go very well.  I spaced out for thirty seconds, and of course that was when the professor called on me.  It was something about the Model Penal Code.  I sat lost, stammering, until the professor put me out of my misery and called on someone else.  My memory is vague, but I don’t think they knew the answer either.  It took maybe one or two more cold calls to get the answers, which helped cushion the blow of being exposed to the class.  What I took away from the experience was to always at least look like I was engaged.  I’m sure that when I momentarily let my mind drift, my face reflected it, and the professor zeroed right in on it.

The second time I was cold called in criminal law was this morning.  I fared much better.  Last class the professor hinted that I was next in line, and sure enough, I got to start the class.  I’m not sure how long I had this privilege, but it must have been at least fifteen minutes.  I got to describe common law self defense, and then apply it to a hypothetical.  On and on it seemed to go, but I held my own.  Where I wasn’t sure of an answer, I told the professor that and why.  A couple of times I was able to get laughs from both the class and the professor.  We just kept chatting until she said it was someone else’s turn.  It was a good feeling walking out of class knowing I’d met the challenge.


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