Guerilla Discontent

Overnight flyers appeared around the law school complaining about the spotty wireless Internet and the lack of hot water in the building.  Someone put some effort in to them, as they were all a bit clever and works of art.  One was a Wild West wanted poster, another announcing a midnight vigil to the missing parties, and I think one had a sort of Sherlock Holmes theme.  Personally, I don’t use the wireless Internet much (I leave my big, clunky laptop at home for the  most part), but the lack of hot water had been annoying.  Come on!  We’re supposed to be the top law school in Ohio, and one of the top nationally, yet we can’t get hot water figured out?

Naturally, a response was provoked from the administration.  An assistant dean for student affairs sent out two e-mails, one addressed “Dear Disconnected Students,” the other “Dear Shivering Students.”  Wireless Internet is supposed to have been all rebooted and straightened out; hot water is to be back by November 1.  It was a pretty good response.  When I was working in England, and there was a cold spell during the winter, making the offices chilly, an e-mail was sent out suggesting we all wear a jumpers if the cold was a problem.

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