Weekend Study Resolutions, Sponsored by High Hopes

I’ve got high hopes for studying this weekend.  Or, more precisely, Sunday as tomorrow is a home football game that it is my Buckeye duty to attend.  But Sunday, with nothing planned, is wide open for studying.  We’ll see how I do.  My resolutions:

Contracts: I realized this morning this morning that the exam is a month away.  Still plenty of time until then, but none the less, time to start thinking about it.  I’ve got an outline put together, as I do for all my classes, but I need to get the information in the outline into a form that will help me answer questions on exams.  Yes, I realize a great outline would inherently be able to do that.  I’ll just say my outline is so drowning in information, it could probably stand a little streamlining.  So that’s a resolution for this weekend: streamline contracts outline.

Torts: The torts casebook is one of those that likes to list lots and lots of notes after the cases.  I like to try to pick out nuggets of good information from those and incorporate them in to my outline.  Except, that is, from medical malpractice to emotional harm where I was busy enough trying to reorganize my original outline to worry about trying to season it with the notes.  So I want to go back and get those in there.  And I also need to finish reading the restatement on proximate cause (although the restatement really wishes we wouldn’t call it that).  Resolution: add post-case notes from casebook to outline and finish reading restatement.

Civil Procedure: I’m thinking there’s got to be a better way to incorporate the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in to my outline.  So that’s what I’m going to do.  Resolution: Figure out how to organize the FRCP and then do it.

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