High Hopes Update

So, how did I do on my studying resolutions from Friday? 

Yesterday was a home football game, so no studying was done then.  The game felt weird.  The weather was weird: overcast, cool, breezy, and humid (like England in the summer).  The first half was impressive 42 points and over 400 yards of offense, but there weren’t a lot of exciting, big plays.  The second half felt like everybody, the fans, the band, both teams, wanted to go home as quick as possible. 

Today I planned to study, and had some success with it, intermixed with making chili for dinner and a run.

That said, here’s how it went:

Streamline contracts outline – Done for the first half about forms of obligation.  Still need to streamline remedies, but to do that, I need to get my head around remedies.  Good thing Monday night is contracts outlining night.

Catch up adding post-case notes from casebook to torts outline – Done!

Finish reading torts restatement – Done!

Figure out how to incorporate FRCP’s into civil procedure outline – Not done.  Hopes were not quite high enough.  I figure I can do this next weekend.

So, three out of four.  I’ll take that.

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