Reality Check c/o Yale

There’s a video on YouTube in which a lawyer attempts to talk an inspiring law student out of going to law school.  I thought it was pretty funny, but debated if it was really the sort of thing I wanted to link to on my blog.  But then, the Yale admissions blog linked to it, which means I can dodge the dilemma and just link to their page.  Nothing like a good sidestep. 

A few highlights:

Aspiring Student: I want to help people. 
Lawyer: So you were pre-med and got a C in organic chemistry? 
Aspiring Student: A D+, actually

Lawyer: Do you have any plan what so ever?
Aspiring Student: I love the constitution!

Aspiring Student: I really want to work on the important issues of the day
Lawyer: Do you consider a breach of contract case between two giant software companies an important issue of the day?
Aspiring Student: Of course, the market place is very important.
Lawyer: They’ve spent $4.1 million in legal fees arguing about the name of an obscure font that no one ever uses

Lawyer: I had a client call me at 3:00 this morning to tell me he needed help because he’d been picked up on a DUI.  He blew at 0.24.

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