My Turn: Law School Scam

Having posted two links this week to articles on the law school scam, I thought I should weigh in with my thoughts.

I wonder how the employment struggles of newly graduated law schools correlate with legal practice area (private vs. public), school prestige, and academic performance.  Are there practice areas that aren’t struggling?  Are the very top schools struggling to place graduates?  Are the very best students struggling to find work?  I think one big idea of a law school scam is probably far, far too broad.

I do not doubt that the basic idea of the law school scam, students taking on great debt to attend law school and then being unable to find jobs to support repayment fo the debt, is true.  However, I wonder if this may be more a function of debt taken on than the job market.  Perhaps prospective students should take a long hard look at if they can afford to attend law school in the first place.

Naturally, this raises accessibility concerns.  I’m sure many would say one’s academic ability and passion about the law should be what determines if one is able to go to law school, not their bank account.  That’s hard to argue with.  What the answer is, I don’t know for sure, but it might have more to do with reducing costs in the first place than increasing means of financing those costs and their repayment.

Personally, I’m telling myself the job market is sure to turn around in time for the Class of 2013.  I’m basing that on the opinions of a few currently practicing attorneys and optimism.  My fingers are crossed.

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