“You Kids Get Off My Lawn”

Tonight, an annual tradition continues as students will be jumping into Mirror Lake ahead of the Michigan game.  Last summer, I thought, “Of course I’m going to do that!  How could I miss it?” 

I still remember going through the fountain at Purdue.  I was a freshman, and I think it was probably the weekend before classes even started.  So I understand the importance of campus tradition.

But it’s cold out.  Cold and wet usually don’t mix well.  And it’s late.  And way back on campus.  Then I’d have to get back to my place, all wet.  The water’s awfully murky.  Something about jumping into shallow bodies of what that you can’t see the bottom of doesn’t seem safe to me.  Not to mention the layer of leaves that sort of shows up through the murk.  I’m sure those are awfully slippery.  Especially when the lake is full of students.  Students who may well have taken certain precautions to fight of the cold.  Which leads to concerns about ammonia spikes in the water.  And why there might need to be student reps to lead people back to dorms.

Yes, I am now old.


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