Another Day at the Office

The scene after the Michigan game yesterday was strange in its unimpressiveness.  In a blink of an eye, the stadium was practically empty.  No one tried to rush the field.  In fact, the crowd started filing out with time still left in the third quarter.  After singing “Carmen Ohio,” the victorious players vanished to their locker room.  The OSUMB didn’t even take the field after the game; instead they just lined up and marched out.  The scoreboard had a graphic of six Big Ten championship trophies frozen on it.  For whatever reason, the public address system played “Sweet Caroline.”  I wasn’t sure if that was in celebration, or a polite hint that the show was over.  I kept waiting for an usher to come up and ask me to leave as the stadium was now closed.

Before the game, assuming the right outcome, I had planned to linger and savor the moment.  It seems I was one of the few who decided to do that.  Maybe it was the cold weather.  Maybe it was the routine nature, which is hard to deny given the uncompetitive nature of the game that had just ended, that is was the seventh victory in a row against Michigan, and that a sixth straight conference championship had also been won.  Whatever it was, the crowd seemed as excited as if they had just watched a MAC team come to Ohio Stadium for the sole purpose of losing so that the home team could collect the profit from a home game.  It is a sad state of affairs for Michigan when they have as much cachet to opposing fans as Akron, Kent State, or Bowling Green.

But still, I lingered.  Watching my first Michigan game in person in Ohio Stadium, and seeing my team triumph, I saw no reason not to linger and savor the moment.  Beating Michigan, winning conference championships: I pray these never become routine to me.

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