Criminal Law: Done

A couple of weeks ago, my criminal law professor told us we’d have up to four hours for the exam.  “Ha, ha,” I thought, “like it’s really going to take four hours.  No way.  Never.”  That the professor also added most people usually call it quits after three hours didn’t change my thoughts.  Then, maybe last week, she added that it should take three to three and a half hours.  I’m a fast test taker, so again, I figured I’d be done before that.

I stand corrected.  It was a long, long exam.  It just kept going.  The first person didn’t leave until after three and a half hours.  Only a handful of people left before I turned my exam in at the three hour and fifty minute mark. 

But, I’m now done with criminal law, especially the exam.  It was closed book, and the one I was dreading the most.  Civil procedure and torts are open book, I have a much better understanding of the material, and I’m writing my outlines to guide me through answering the questions.  It’s already betting better.

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