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Nice Thing To Say

January 26, 2011

Last night I went to an open house at a local law firm where two alumni were being honored.  Afterwards, I was chatting with one of the recipients, and asked him what his favorite thing from law school was.  “Meeting my wife,” he replied.  A few minutes later, the recipients wife, who was there for the presentation, wandered over and introduced herself.  That let me tell her that her husband had just been telling us that meeting her was his favorite part of law school.  It fit perfectly.

Weekend Study Resolutions, Presented by Catch Up

January 21, 2011

Saturday I’m volunteering to be a tour guide for prospective students.  That’s at 2:30.  Which means I’ll have six or so hours to study before that.  How do I plan to spend that time?  Contracts and property.  I’d love to get all the reading done for next week.  I’ll find out tomorrow if that’s going to happen.

Back in the Saddle Update

January 18, 2011

It was a good weekend.  Saturday I participated in the Hocking Hills Winter Hike and Monday I went to the auto show in Detroit.  As for studying:

Read for constitutional law – Done!

Read for legislation – Done!

Legal writing – Not done on the weekend, but done today

Work on resume – Not really done.  Looked at my resume and still need to decide if some tweaking is in order.

Weekend Study Resolutions, Presented by Back in the Saddle

January 14, 2011

First week of the second semester, done. 

Read for constitutional law – One of the things about constitutional law is that it’s always changing.  The Supreme Court keeps issuing new decisions.  fortunately, rather than revising the casebook each year, there’s an annual supplement.  The case I need to read this weekend is from the supplement.  It’s close to forty pages.  I’m hoping that’s because the page layout is smaller. 

Read for legislation – We’re going to be reading a case study of last year’s health insurance reform, so I’ve got a summary the professor’s research assistant put together.  I’m actually looking forward to this one because I’d like a nice summary of how the law was created.

Legal writing – Need to read the next two chapters of the book for next week.

Work on resume – I did a mock interview this week. It went well and I got some great feedback, including on my resume.  That’s what I want to work on.

Once Again, I Remind Myself

January 14, 2011

Today, I noticed roach traps in the law school student lounge.  Once again, I reminded myself that the quality of a building is not what leads to a quality education.  Hot water?  Not essential.  Water stained ceiling tiles?  Not important.  Under desk power outline broken out of its housing and dangling by the wires?  Not sitting there again.  Remember, I tell myself, people, not buildings.  Quality education, not stained and threadbare chairs. 

And I suspect the pest problem may be the result of my classmates not always cleaning up after their snacks.

Being Tall Does Not Lead To Airline Comfort

January 8, 2011

A short little bit about a 6′-7″ passenger on an airline flight being uncomfortable.  The author does not feel bad for the passenger; being 6′-2″ tall, I do.

Delayed Start

January 7, 2011

And I just received an e-mail saying that my very first class of next semester is cancelled.  It’s a bit of a let down.

Of Foxes And Life

January 7, 2011

For constitutional law, the first day assignment was to read the US constitution, and for legislation, the first day assignment was to read about the legislative process.  Both of those make sense as great places to start the class.  I don’t know if I could think of a better starting point.

For property, we started with a fox hunt in the early nineteenth century.  In Pierson v. Post (2 Am. Dec. 264), one fellow is busy hunting a fox.  Just has he’s about the claim his prize, another fellow comes along and snatches the fox away.  Naturally, the first fellow wants the fox back, and the second doesn’t want to give it up.  The result (on appeal, no less): a fellow does not possess a fox unless they physically hold it or have mortally wounded it.  And with that, so starts property.

Interestingly enough, the notes after the case reveal that Professor Bethany Berger discovered that the case wasn’t really about a fox.  The first fellow was nouveau riche, the second fellow old money.  The second fellow didn’t approve of the first fellow flaunting his wealth through the fox hunt, so he snatched away the fox.  Such is life.  (55 Duke L. J. 1089)

First Test Of The New Year

January 6, 2011

The VITA (volunteer income tax assistance) test is passed.  It was hard!  Most of it consisted of questions where I was given all the info on someone and told to figure out their taxes.  I think I could probably still use some practice with the tax prep software, but the important thing is I passed, and I”m ready to go out and help people in the coummunity prepare their taxes.

E-mail Salutations

January 6, 2011

The Wall Street Journal’s preemptive obituary.  I agree with the article, business e-mail can be terribly impersonal.