Apartment Keypad Lock

The apartment management has put a keypad door lock on the exterior door to my apartment.  The way the apartments are set up, there’s eight of them off a stairwell that has the door to the exterior.  That’s the door that now has a keypad lock.  I can appreciate how this addition probably does improve security but I also think it’s silly to have done.

  • The door doesn’t shut all the way on its own so the keypad protected lock doesn’t engage unless the door is pulled shut.
  • It sure looks like there’s a lock on the interior.  I really don’t need some joker to lock the exterior door from the inside with me outside.
  • Does this mean UPS and FedEx packages are just going to be left at the exterior stoop?
  • I can’t imagine the code for the keypad is going to be protected like a state secret.

On the other hand, it should prevent people who don’t belong here from sleeping in the stairwell. Although I’ve never witnessed that happening.



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