Honor Code Report

Last month I got a memo from one of the associate deans about possible honor code violations in the preceding three years.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • 12 potential violations reported
  • 4 were dismissed after initial investigation
  • 1 became moot when the involved student dropped out (I’m guessing this was the book thief)
  • 7 went to administrative disposition
  • 0 went to the Honor Council

Of those seven that went to administrative disposition

  • 4 were found guilty
  • 3 were found not guilty

Two students were put on academic probation.  I think that was in reference to the four found guilty.  Six of the original twelve had grades reduced.

So we’re not a bunch crooks.  That’s good.  Somehow, I would have thought these number would be higher.  Out of 600 odd students a year, only 4 are reported as possibly violating the honor code.  That almost seems too good to be true.


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