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Just Can’t Get Enough

December 19, 2010

I’m not even having bad dreams about the right exams anymore.  My only remaining exam is torts, and it’s this Tuesday.  So what do I dream about last night?  Criminal law and civil procedure.  Those exams were a week ago tomorrow and last Friday, respectively.

For crim law, I first dreamed that there weren’t enough exams, and I didn’t receive one.  While everyone else was working away, I was waiting thirty minutes for another copy to be found.  When I started looking at it, it was sixteen photographs from around the world.  I was supposed to write about criminal law for such fabulous vacation destinations as the south of France or Tahiti.  I had no idea what I was supposed to do.  It felt like some sort of criminal law travelogue.  It was not pleasant.  And everyone else was busily working away.

Then, I found myself wondering about civ pro.  I almost want to say that was after I woke up from the crim law.  I was worried which question it was.  Was it the Erie question?  The personal jurisdiction?  Subject matter jurisdiction?  I never knew what the question was, but I know I was worried about what type it was. 

Maybe tonight I’ll have a bad dream about first grade spelling tests.  Those were never fun either.

First Bad Dream

November 30, 2010

This past Sunday night I dreamed about the criminal law exam.  It was not a pleasant experience.

It was fifty multiple choice questions (actual exam will be essay questions) in an hour (actual exam will be up to four hours).  I knew basically nothing.  I think I answered two questions.  For whatever reason, I wasn’t even guessing at the other questions.  And the subject matter was all over the place.  One question was what a set of control jets on the Apollo moon mission did.  There was a diagram.  This was one of the two questions I answered because I could figure out which way the jets in question would rotate the capsule.

In a way, it was a fitting start to the next exam.  It’s two weeks from yesterday, so there’s still plenty of time to prepare.  But from where I am right now, I think it’s going to be rough.