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Fighting a Losing Battle

May 21, 2011

Here’s a New York Times article about how some less prestigious law schools offer more scholarships than they intend to renew.  Not that they’re going out and cancelling aid.  It’s just that with grade curves many students are finding it nearly impossible to meet minimum GPA requirements to keep their aid.  I wrote about this sort of thing last fall.  Response from a more prestigious law school that they didn’t even know such things were done.

Applaud or Cringe?

December 2, 2010

Today I heard that some law schools, not the one I attend, but some law schools will put all the scholarship recipients in the same section.  The scholarship recipients have to maintain a GPA to maintain their scholarship.  But the section is curved.  So no matter what, some of the scholarship recipients will not be able to maintain the required GPA, and will lose their scholarships.  That’s diabolical genius on the part of the administration.  Wipe out a third of the scholarship budget after the first year!