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UK PSA: Fireworks in the Eye

November 3, 2010

Here I sit, listening to Xfm from London.  If I do the math right, it’s just past 1:30 am there.  It’s a challenge of my schedule and the time change that I only get to listen to the evening rush hour tube problems on the weekend.  Anyway, they just played a public service announcement about what to do, and what not to do, if fireworks are shot into someone’s eye.  Good information, true, but how big an issue is this for the Brits?  I lived there for a year, and I never saw, or even heard of such a thing happening.  Still it’s good information to disseminate amongst the general public.  And I suppose Guy Fawkes day is the day after tomorrow.  Or, that is, tomorrow, for our cousins across the pond.