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Being Tall Does Not Lead To Airline Comfort

January 8, 2011

A short little bit about a 6′-7″ passenger on an airline flight being uncomfortable.  The author does not feel bad for the passenger; being 6′-2″ tall, I do.

The Ostrich

November 16, 2010

Prospective law student sees six figure salary data.  Prospective law student wants in on that.  Law school tuition has been steadily rising.  Law student incurs great debt to pay the steadily rising tuition. The law job market is lousy.  Newly graduated law student encounters this job market and is unable to find the six figure salary job hoped for.  Newly graduated law student faces challenge of then paying great debt incurred to pay steadily rising tuition.  Law school already has tuition and is welcoming in the next crop of 1L’s.  This is what has come to be known as the law school scam.

This is the first that I’ve mentioned the law school scam on my blog.  I’ve purposely been silent on it to avoid fueling the fear.  But, now, The Economist has written on it, I thought the time had come to mention it.

So read the article.  I don’t know if “scam” is the best word, but law school tuition has been rising, law students do incur vast sums of educational debt, and I am sure far more law students dream about six figure salaries than successfuly land those job.  Best go into these things with eyes wide open and a good grounding in reality, an approach I try to practice myself.